10 Best Car Gadgets and Accessories for the Ultimate Road Trip


Innovation in the automobile industry is indeed a boon for many of us out there. The world is becoming a better place with smart gadgets that make our lives easy on the go. Read on further to know the newest trends in the automotive industry, which make your driving experience a comfortable one.

  1. Car chargers – With constant fights and quarrels around who would charge their gadget first, this tool really comes in handy with many charging ports available.
  2. Long range radar detector – keeps you informed about your current speed and expected speed limits when you hit the road, so you save yourself from the embarrassment of getting caught by the cop for exceeding speed limits.
  3. Wireless car mounts –Works as an aid to your smartphone in many ways. The telescopic arm of the gadget gives you the liberty of mounting it as per your convenience and gives you ports for charging an additional benefit.
  4. Tile-Mate –Just attach your keys to the ring and your smartphone will locate it in case you lose your keys.
  5. DriveAssist – the inbuilt cam in the device helps in navigation and keeps you alert with its enabled GPS technology.
  6. Portable Vacuum Cleaner – keeps your car tidy on the go.
  7. Cargo Carrier box – click here to find out how your traveling experience can be comfortable and safe. Manage calls, music, and messages even while you are driving.
  8. Alexa’s voice service – streaming your favorite music and navigation through your voice commands is some of the best features of this gadget.
  9. Electric cooler and warmer – ideal for avid travelers. Keeps your warm or cold as per your choice.
  10. Inflatable car bed – enjoy the comfort of being at home, even when you are on your trip, by taking a break for a nap.